Nextcloud 25 - preload of links in text files

it is not a technical problem as such, but I’ve noticed that when I insert a link into a simple text file in Nextcloud, it shows something like a thumbnail of the link all of a sudden.
But I don’t want that to happen that links are getting pre-loaded, depending on the link that’s could even load things I don’t want to load.
Is there any way to switch that off? Somehow I couldn’t find anything related to that in google or probably not searching for the right terms to find it.

I may be wrong, but I think it’s a new feature of the NC25 (I still use the 24 and I can’t replicate the preload).

Nor did I find any mention of this feature.
Maybe in the config.php file there is a new field to tweak this feature ?

If you add a space at the end of the line with the URL on it, no preview will be displayed for that URL.

I thought I’d leave that here for people who run into the same problem, but wanted a way to decide on a case-by-case basis if they get a preview or not.