Nextcloud 25 - how to hide UI elements

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Up to v25 I was using an own scss file with some ‘display: none’ entries, which was imported in the server.scss during our Docker image creation.
This stopped working with v25 (I guess due to the removal of the scss support).

What’s the recommended way now to hide some unwanted UI elements?

Hello and welcome to the community support forum :wave: !

Have you tried the Custom CSS app? It also allows you to apply your changes without modifying the actual code (which should make maintenance and updates easier).

Of course it doesn’t support scss, but you should be able to hide all elements you want with plain css.


Thanks a lot, it really helped! Yes, I have just simple css to hide few elements.

If anyone is searching for this, I use this to store the css data programmatically:

CUSTOM_CSS=$(cat /usr/src/nextcloud/core/css/myown.scss)
# escape quotes!
CUSTOM_CSS=$(printf “%s” “$CUSTOM_CSS” | sed -e “s/"/\\"/g”)
php occ config:app:set theming_customcss customcss --value="$CUSTOM_CSS"

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