Nextcloud 24 incompatible with Community Document Server 0.1.12 for onlyOffice, now switch to docker

I upgraded nextcloud 23 to 24 and now I have some issues with onlyOffice. I’m running latest “Community Document Server 0.1.12” which is not really compatible with v24. Now I will try to disable the build in feature “Community Document Server” and switch to the docker version of Community Server.

  1. what will happen to all my documents? Are they broken/gone if I switch/migrate to docker?
  2. I think I need to run Community docker with a different port than 443 and 80?
  3. Is there an easy and good guide to set up community docker somewhere?
  4. I’m running ubuntu 22.04, mariaDB, nextcloud 24.0.3 (nextcloud is not running in docker), I will only run “Community Document Server” in docker