Nextcloud 23: How to downgrade to 22?


Iv been having issues with my collabora on nextcloud that some users cant access documents using collabora but most do, so aparently its a issue with the nextcloud 23 platform, id like to know if there is a way to downgrade from 23 to 22 without having to reinstall the whole platform and configure everything all over again :frowning:

Btw, i installed nextcloud on this new server on 23, so i never upgraded or anything, it was a fresh install, its an ubuntu server 20.04.3

Hi @javito ,

you cant.
Downgrade is not possible do not try it.

If you really want to use 22 you should install new but I think since 23 is out for a while now I would wait for the second update first.
Usually they get things done quickly. Unfortunately this time differs a bit.

It is normal to use backup and restore. Do you habe a backup from Nextcloud 22? Also test new releases on a test server.