Nextcloud 23 - Android 3.18.1 app feature partially working Contacts & Calendar Backup

Hi, running a working Nextcloud 23 on a pi4b, android app is 3.18.1

I have enabled in the android app /settings/“Contacts & Calendar Backup”

no matter if i manually backup, or leave it on auto, it only creates a “contacts” backup under a hidden folder /.contacts and this works each day a new .vcf file gets created with a backup
the option for calendar backup is ticked, but no backup of the calendar gets created…
Does anyone else use this feature, should it be working for calendars?


  • Nextcloud
  • RaspPi 4B Bullseye with 1TB SSD (USB3)
  • mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.5.12-MariaDB
  • PHP 7.4.25
  • Desktop Client (Windows) 3.4.1
  • Android Client 3.18.1

where is your log mister? How can we help you at all if you do not provide the info? Troll!

Sucks don’t it?

(At least he provides some informations, and not just “it’s not working for months and nobody helps me… please help !”)

I use those features as well. From the beginning, contacts backup works. But calendars backup isn’t, since the first release. I haven’t tried yet to know why.

But it was not working with NC 22 as well. Client desktop isn’t involved in this. I’m not on a Raspberry but a VPS.

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Hi Yostral tanks for the reply, I just thought it maybe something i’d misconfigured, I still manually clone the drive and take occasional manual backups of the .ics files for now, but would be nice for this automated feature to work… i’ll reply on the andoid store & hopefully be fixed in future! thanks again!
as for those other comments hes now on the ignore list, makes the forum a much better place already :joy: