NextCloud 23.0.2 - Theme is not being Applied

Hello I’ve been searching for solution across that forum, and on the internet space, although i was not able to find a solution for the issue i’m facing.

I am using NextCloud 23.0.2 - I’ve installed “Breeze Dark” theme.

So i have enabled the theme under the Administration → Theming


Then i’ve enabled it under Personal → Accessibility → clicked on the theme to enable


But sadly nothing happens i’ve tried to reload the page couple of times to clear the cache, to restart the server pretty much most of the basic stuff. But for some reason the theme doesn’t want to load. On the official page the nextcloud 23 version is among the supported versions but it doesn’t work for me and i was wondering if someone had to troubleshoot similar problem.


Hi, it’s a bit of a late response, but hopefully it might still be helpful to you or someone else in the future.

The reason why the theme isn’t activating is the automated activation setting. This relies on the browser to report what theme you prefer (dark or light) and the applies the relevant theme. Depending on your exact OS and browser it may or may not work as expected. As an example, though I haven’t tested with the latest release of chrome, Chrome doesn’t seem to report this setting properly at all therefore the theme won’t activate.

If you just want to have the theme enabled at all times you can just disable the automated activation.

Thank you that did the trick :).

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