Nextcloud 23.0.2 is the latest stable version?

Or 22.0.x versions are the only version that are stable now?

simple awnser: NOO!!!
long awnser: in my, and many other, case the new nc office app and the buildin codeserver crashed the system.

I can’t recoment updating on a productive machine in this moment.

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for the time beeing stick with V22

to answer your question from title: yes. By definition. There has been some beta-testing and such.

On a sidenote to that: of course that doesn’t mean it’s a bugless version. Referring to what I read on the forum there seem to be certain problems with getting additional Textsuites working correctly. So far I can’t remember if they got solved by now.

this is always true. YOu should test new versions on a testinstance first. And - last but not least have recent backups at your hand to being able to switch back to your old version in case of problems

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It depends on how you define stable…

23.0.2 is the latest bugfix release for v23, which is the latest stable release. Stable in that sense means, that no fetaures get added or changed to this release, but only bugfixes or security fixes.

If you mean stable in the sense of “working reliably” or “solid”, then I can say that for me this is the case with 23.0.2. But your mileage may vary depending on your usecase, the apps you are using, the platform you are running it on and how you configured things etc…

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