Nextcloud 22 - does it need much more RAM than previous versions?

I just updated my Nextcloud instance from 21.0.5 to 22.2.0
I use Nextcloud at a shared hoster and I have 2048M RAM availabe.
Regarding to the system requirements (128M minimum, recommended minimum 512M) this should be enough - and was in the past.
But since my upgrade to v22 I see a lot of “child pid 197419 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)” in my apache error.log
I contacted the shared hoster’s support and they tell me that the client processes got killed because they tried to use much more RAM than available (they told me, they wants about 4400M).

I never had such entries with NC21 - has something massively changed in the requirements?

BTW, I already used PHP8 for NC21 - so that could not be the problem…

Any hints or helpful opinions?

I think it does not need more RAM. The system only needs RAM on executing software e.g. php scripts.

Please post some entries from your Nextcloud logs.

Unfortunately there are no log entries since my upgrade to v22.2.0

Inbetween the “segmentation faults” in the apache error log lower their arise to only two times a day - so it’s not as harmful as thought?

Or maybe it’s a specific app which causes that error which currently is not used so much?

What about the picture previews? As the pregenerate-preview plugin does (currently?) not work anymore with v22 - is there some integrated mechanism for generation of picture previews?
Maybe that needs the amount of memory when initially called in a directory and after it’s done it lowers its memory footprint?