Nextcloud 21 "Set up templates folder"

Apologies if this has already been asked.

I can see templates are included with Nextcloud 21 at ./nextcloud/core/skeleton/Templates

How do I change that path to something I can work with without modifying core files?

I’d like to change it to something like ./path/to/data/templates and set up my own files in there. Is that possible?

Also, secondly, is it possible to enable this feature by default for all users? (Instead of each user having to click “Set up templates folder”)?



I think I’ve found the solution to the first part:

cp ./nextcloud/core/skeleton/Templates/* /path/to/data/templates/

and then add this to config.php

'templatesdirectory' => '/path/to/data/templates',

Any ideas on how to make this enabled by default for all users though?