Nextcloud 21.0.2 trash bin are deprecated or brogen?

Hello Nextcloud Community,

for a while we have a strange bug in our Nextcloud 21.0.2 with mysql on Debian 10 as a host.
The trash bin doesn’t work anymore.

When a user delete a multifolder with files he got an error message ‘Error deleting file $FILE-NAME’ but the folder disappears after deleting from UI.

When I rescane the file system with ‘occ files:scan $USER-NAME’ the folder is back in place and a copy is in the trash bin.

My first question is, do any of you have a similar problem with the trash bin?
Because I can’t find anything about it in my logs.

The only thing what I find about it, what’s sound similar to my issue, is this bug report: Deleted file caused an error when attempt made to permanently delete · Issue #28225 · nextcloud/server · GitHub
I’m not sure that it’s the same issue because the Nextcloud Version are different.

My other question is, have anyone an i deer how I can resolve this issue or a possible reason why he doesn’t work anymore?

I would be very grateful for a nice answer from you. :wink: