Nextcloud 21.0.0 Weird Speed Issue

Hi all,

Here’s a strange one. I decided to fiddle with unRAID a month or so ago, got an N54L, and put it on. Quickly thereafter I installed and configured Nextcloud to replace my Synology for file sharing.

Now the issue is that whenever I try to upload anything, the max throughput I can get (using my phone as a client in this example) is 30Mbps. However, from that same device, to the exact same directly, using SMB (Total Commander on Android for example), I can max the NIC on the server and hit 100Mbps.

What am I missing here? I’ve setup the nextcloud server to use Let’s encrypt and used a subdomain of my own domain to have it accessible externally via SSL.

My only thought was that Nextcloud from the client is attempting to go externally, and loop back in. Even then, I’d expect to see faster speeds than this. I did use PiHole to create a local DNS entry to ensure my device went straight to the local IP, and this didn’t change the speed at all. I’m left guessing it’s a Nextcloud issue

Any ideas? Help, please :slight_smile: