Nextcloud 20 / Talk 10.0.10 censored words

I have censored words in the talk conversations. However, these are not bad words …
Is there an editable parameter that allows me to change this?
Thank you.

Capture d’écran 2021-10-19 à 10.23.00

Hi @rakeen

I’ve never heard of Nextcloud Talk having a profanity filter or anything like that built in, or anyone reporting a similar issue. Of course, that doesn’t have to mean anything… :wink:

Stupid question, but could this possibly be caused by a browser extension you have installed?

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Thanks for your reply,
But I have no browser extension.

Did you try those words by your self, are they hidden? May be you opponent tricks you and wrote some Hello ***** et **** by himself?

For me (i am the admin of the nextcloud) no problem.
But for other members there are censored words.

Okay it’s seems it’s a joke of my dear members :rofl: