Nextcloud - Syncronisation of specific folder

I just installed the Nextcloud- client (Windows 10) on a temporary machine i am currently working on. In the client i selected a specific folder to sync, since i’m only needing that specific data (and don’t want to sync al data)

But when i select the wanted folder all the files in the root and subfolder are also synced

Directory structure is as followed [root] - [subfolder1] - [subfolder2] - [folder with wanted data]

Issue1: Data in subfolder is also downloaded to the client
Issue2: Pausing sync does not stop the download of the files

It’s probably because the first time you synced the root-folder. You can delete the current sync point (click on the three dots and remove sync point). Then in your client-interface, youc an add a directory to sync and then only add the folder you want to sync. This way it should not sync any data from the parent folders.