Nextcloud 19.0.4. changelog?

Hello Community,
since yesterday I get the update to Nextcloud 19.0.4.
Do you know where I can find the changelog?
There ( i cannot find them.

Thanks & Cheers


Got the same issue here Update on stable chanell without Release notes / Changelog

Ditto, also looking for details of the 19.04 release. :slight_smile:

All closed issues are listed here: :wink:

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It is cool and personally I know where it is, but Link in an updater drives to other page, where you can’t see information. What looks strange for users that are not so deep in a project.
I strongly believe that here is a place for a small improvement.

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I agree. Usually a release process should follow a checklist to make sure that all related information are updated in time. Based on the experience with the last couple of Nextcloud releases, this checklist seems not to be followed as it should. I would break down the process to the following steps (most likely incomplete):

## new package ready to be released ##

  • the marketing information need to be prepared and updated on the web site.
  • the help forum announcement need to be prepared and published on the forum.
  • the news ticker announcement need to be prepared and published in the rss feed.
  • the change log need to be prepared and updated on the server.
  • the version information of the security scanner need to be updated.
  • the version information on the different release channels need to be updated.
  • …
  • the new software packages and check-sums need to be updated.
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I fully agree with you

Actually, our practice is to read the changelog to see whether the new version may be useful to us.
Therefore, in this case, no changelog => no update

It is now online:

If this happens again, please report this directly to the homepage bug tracker: