Nextcloud 18 Users Management UI Errors

Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.2): 18.01, been happening in 18.0 as well
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 17.04): 18.04.2 LTS
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25): Apache 2.4.29
PHP version (eg, 7.1): 7.2.24

The issue you are facing:

A few issues that I suspect are interrelated

  1. In the user UI, I cannot edit the group membership of my own user as the little pencil icon is missing, even though I am an admin user:


  1. When selecting group membership for a user, the dropdown is glitched and it’s not possible to select using mouse input. As you can see, there is a UI glitch in that it’s double displaying the group names, in weird position, and it cannot be selected using mouse only by keyboard input:

My browser is Brave, but this issue appears in Edge and Firefox as well.

If it matters, I’ve installed Nextcloud using the script available here:

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Since new users can only upload 2 images per post, I’m continuing to my third issue.

  1. The pencil icon is overlapping the quota bar

same issue here.
with macOS 10.14.6, Safari, Firefox and Brave
Nextcloud installations hosted by several NC-hosters

Will be fixed with Nextcloud 18.0.2.

I’m seeing the same issue as @01E14Y94SMJT4P7SP5XK - I’m now on Nextcloud 18.0.2.

More specifically:

  • I also have no pen icon displayed for my (admin) user and so can’t edit quota or group memberships

  • Group Admin and Quota columns are not displayed by default (though a mouseover works for Quota)

  • They can be edited by selecting the pen icon but the editing function does not show the previous values

  • Saving the edited values returns the two columns to not being displayed

  • Issue seems to be restricted only to the Users screen

Problem occurs with PHP 7.3 and 7.4 and persists through occ maintenance:repair

I don’t recall this with NC 17.* , I didn’t access this screen with NC 18.0.1 so can’t say whether it was an issue.

I am having this same issue, I need to edit my admin account but cannot. My understanding had been that it was supposed to be fixed in 18.0.1, however the issue still persists in 18.0.2… I found an issue on GitHub outlining this but I have not been able to find it again because it seems to have gotten buried in the 2,000+ issues… It had been in the 18.0.1 Milestone, then was in the 18.0.2 milestone but it does not seem to have been fixed.

I am working on downgrading to 17.0.3, I do not considder 18.x to be stable yet.

Yes. It has been moved to 18.0.3. But it’s already merged so it will come with 18.0.3.

Awesome, thank you for finding that!
I’,m not all that familiar with GitHub

Looks like it has not been included in 18.0.3…

Yes. 18.0.3 ist a unplanned security release.

Ah, makes sense. I was wondering why it came out so early without a change log…
Thank you!

Hi, I use Version 18.04 and I can not edit any user as admin, so also not re-new the users. Is there any hint how to fix it without getting a new NC Version?

Ok, I realized now all is working in Windows Edge as expected. But using Safari on Ipad Air has problems for scaling the sreen for user management only.
I can not scale down to see all elements! As a result of this, I have to play around by touches with the user entries, so they let move to left to make the edit elements visible.

Best regards and keep save all,


I’m having a similar problem: the tabs for users are too wide, so with a normal scale of the website I can not see the column of Quota and can’t even adjust it, because that item is not on screen. The space-eater ist the column “group admin for”, where I can write letters, for it is this wide.

The workaround:
I adjust the scale in Firefox to 80%, but I have difficulties to read or
scale the Firefox-Window on two screens.

Is it possible to change CSS-entrys for those columns?