Nextcloud 18 + OnlyOffice Timeout conversion error


Iv been running my nextcloud server for almost a year and never had this issue until now… a friend of mine asked me to test his onlyoffice server address too see if it was working but then put his address and save the changes i started getting this error:

Error when trying to connect (Error occurred in the document service: Timeout conversion error)

So i then went back to my default server, but turns out that now my server also gives me this error, so idk what happened that now i cant connect to my onlyoffice documentserver :S i did nothing else but to test his address, thats it, so i asume nextcloud changed something between any of the recent 2 mayor versions cause i started this server as 16 and now im in 18, i havent touch the onlyoffice address since the time i install it and that was on version 16, so i guess it was still working cause it was already authenticated back then and now when i try to authenticate again it hit me with this error, can anyone help me fix this please, i need onlyoffice working again with my nextcloud:-(

Aight i fixed it, wasnt nextcloud the culprit of the problem, it was the onlyoffice fault, aparently the timeout in rabbitmq was changed at some point for some unreasonable number. so after a few searches in google i found the answer in github, change in default.json of onlyoffice the following value to something bigger like 30000, cause the default value was 300 and it wasnt allowing the token to be transfered to nextcloud for athentication

       "queue": {
                "type": "rabbitmq",
                **"visibilityTimeout": 30000,**

this is the link of the original article for the solution, to honor the guy who found it :slight_smile:

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Thank you sooooo much!!! Been searching for 4 days, literally! Just to give a bit more info for the sake of others like me:
[vi,nano,vim] /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/default.json

A reboot might be needed since the systemctl daemon-reload did not worked for me.

Again, that was a life saver!

Glad i could help :slight_smile: