Nextcloud 18 & Collabora - Not working anymore

Hi guys,

we have been using Collabora for nextcloud since v16, never had a problem before.
Today, after upgrade to NC18, Nextcloud doesn’t offer to open with collabora anymore.

Here what we’ve tried before posting this:

  1. Disabling and re-enabling collabora app in nextcloud
  2. Removing and redeployng the Collabora docker image, with the right NextCloud domain
  3. Looking for errors in log
    a. No relevant entry in /var/logs/apache2/errors.log
    b. No results from “docker logs [COLLABORA_DOCK_ID]”

We are running NextCloud on top of a Fujitsu Physical Server, running Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS bionic and NextCloud is directly installed with apache (no docker or snap), using postrgresql.

Do you have the app social installed? Try to disable that and try again.

And make sure the docker image really is updated.

Hi SmallOne,

thank you for reply.

  1. Nope, social app is not installed, as per image (in italian it say “Not official application”)

  2. Docker image update as per latest repo, checked with docker command found on collabora installation instruction’s page on nextcloud official site

Then i am out of options. It works on my upgraded servers. What does the nextcloud log say?

nextcloud.log in the nextcloud data folder.

If you update the docker image, you have to do the steps again:

  • edit loolwsd.xml
  • copy your certificate into the container
  • take care of chown and chmod
  • restart container
    else you will end up with a blue turning wheel

Dear SmallOne,

in nextcloud data folder i’ve got no logs, the nextcloud logs in my installation are located in /var/log/nextcloud/… and the file nextcloud.log is the “registration” page you may find in the admin panel of nextcloud, here below an image of it, as u can see there’s nothing related to collabora, and the errors shown were already been managed by me.

Thank you hartmut001, anyway it seems that nextcloud won’t let me open the file in collabora anymore… so i’m far to finish the container configurations

Hi Fin3,
Had the very same problem - turned out to be ‘Group folders’ that was interfering for me - just disabling it was enough to restore Collabora click-actions.

Nice, we’ve found a point to start, exact same behavior, if i disable group folders, collabora start to work again.

The problem now is that I can’t disable group folders, it is already used in production by a lot of ppl… Need to solve this… i’ll look further more later

Well I also have Group Folder 6.0.0 running, and Collabora is working fine

There is also an issue with files_fulltextsearch:

Agreed - disabling ‘group folders’ or ‘files_fulltextsearch’ works for me…

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I have exact the same problem. Disabling FulltextSearch was a workaround, but I hope there will be a solution very fast, because I use this software a log.

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Same problem for me as well. Total bummer that this is occurring as my organization uses Fulltextsearch a lot. Had to disable it to ensure operations kept running with word processing etc.

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I rased a bugreport at Github, maybe that helps:

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