Nextcloud 18.0.7: howto get share-info ad admin

Hello All,

we are running Nextcloud 18.0.7 on fully updated Debian 10.

As we are rolling out Nextcloud at the moment,
I start getting questions like:
“folder x is shared to me and my co-worker by the teamleder. She can view the content and I can’t.”

So my question is: as an admin how can I get info on shared folders and files that users share one to another?

Greetings, J.

I think there is no feature.
But perhaps you can search in the database e.g. MariaDB.
You can use your backup (dump of the database) and search in it.
A good administrator has always an actual backup. Also you can search online in e.g. MariaDB.
Nobody needs this feature. A admin need not to know everything.
Then your users go to another nextcloud :wink:
Then free nextcloud provider are better than you.

yu can install the app “impersonate” - then you can take over/emulate the concerned user and look, what the user see. :wink: Or you take over the share person and look is all corrected set.