Nextcloud 18.0.7: cannot share folder to group

Hello All,

we are running Nextcloud 18.0.7 on fully updated Debian 10.

I have created this ldap-user teamict, member of group ict. Details are:

  • user_id: teamict
  • display_name: teamict teamict
  • email:
  • cloud_id:
  • enabled: true
  • groups:
    • ict
  • quota: 10 GB
  • last_seen: 2020-07-29T07:50:28+00:00
  • user_directory: /data/nc-caw/teamict
  • backend: LDAP

As user teamict I’m trying to share a folder with group ict.
When sharing I see group ict.
After selecting ict I get EM:

error creating share.

I see no further error in log files.

Sharing to individual members does work.
Sharing to groups is enabled, if not user teamict would not see group ict or any groups
User teamict is member of ict otherwise I would not see group ict.

2FA is enabled for everyone, but disabling it does not seem to help.

Any advise anyone?
Many Thanks.

Greetings, J.


Why and not ???
Configure first without subdir.


thanks for the reply.
Because I have multiple Nextclouds on this server, and I found this an easy way to set this up.
Does that matter for the issue I’m having?

Greetings, J