Nextcloud 18.0.4 directory date in the future

Hi all !

In this afternoon I’ve found a directory on our server with date in the extreme future…

Files in the directory have correct date, We use storage on NFS (no external storage).

The directory date on the NFS server is correct.

How I try to set correct date ?


Nextcloud uses the file system date of a folder or file. If it has a future date it is most likely incorrectly set on your server. Please double check the date, using e.g. the stat command:

stat <path-to-your-folder>

Thanks for the quick replay,

No, the date/time on server is correct (NTP works fine).

This is the stat of “_CLIENTI” directory:

This is the Nextcloud:

PS, sorry for the screenshot in italian language…

Have you found the solution for this? We’re facing the same issue.
Date/time is correct and works fine on several other Nextcloud server instances.
We’re thinking about upgrading Nextcloud to 19 and see if the problem gets resolved this way.

No, I haven’t.

Occasionally the problem recurs and after some time it disappears spontaneously.
There is certainly a bug, but it is not clear when it shows up.

I use Nexttcloud 18.0.6

The same here .
NC 16.0.11
on ubuntu 18.04

If the server date is correct, please check the client as well. For the interface it uses the current time on the client and calculates the difference to the time it was created (server time).

J have it running version 22 and facing the same issue since some older versions now. Some folders are 68 years ahead from now, others +72 years, other folders and subfolders of the previously mentioned two folders are ok. This causes NC to complain and try to overwrite local copies on the NAS with what it thinks are newer ones on its data directory, while its the contrary.
Also, we have found some files and subdirectories, from one share on another. I don’t know if this is related or if NC is the cause of this. Did anyone had this same issue ?