Nextcloud 17, S3 as primary storage and backup


I would like to know if there ils any other material than config/ dir and database to backup in this context ?

By advance, thank you.

Although object storage is supposed to be highly durable by default, you might want to consider using a tool such as rclone to sync the object storage to a second S3 compatible provider - in case something catastrophic happens with your primary storage provider.

The majority of S3 compatible providers don’t provide the same durability guarantees (11 9s of durability) as Amazon S3. Although the risk of losing an object stored in most S3 storage providers is miniscule (less than the chance of getting struck by lightning), using an object storage service is, after all trusting a third-party with your data.

These are assumptions. Regular users can setup their own S3 storage at home on their LAN. I personally use S3 because nextcloud is perfect for that use case.

Op, if this is for a single user install you can backup your files with rclone/webdav. If this is for a multi user installation you can backup by mounting the bucket directly.

Thank you for thèse advices.

S3 is already backuped up using Minio on different datacenters.

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