Nextcloud 16 - Internal Signaling server slow down Talk app

Hello all,

I’m new into this forum, but not so much on using Nextcloud. :slight_smile:

Actually I was excited to try Nextcloud Talk on a new Raspberry Pi 3 B+, so I installed NC16 on that and it is blazing fast (once php-fpm, nginx have been configured properly).

I’m satisfied by Nextcloud basic configuration and it is working very well with Let’s Encrypt, caching and so on.

It is running on PHP 7.3.

The raspberry does not exceed 15% on CPU usage during normal operations (uploading, downloading, sharing, etc.).

Now, once installed the latest Nextcloud Talk app, I have tested it (after configuring Coturn as a TURN and STUN server) and I have noticed that it slow down a lot the all Nextcloud portal, especially when going into a chat or during the establishing of a video/audio call.

I have, in specific, that into the chat there are a lot of “room”, “participants” requests in “PENDING” status (based on api) and they are retrieved after long time (20+ seconds) with HTTP 200 status responses.

Also, I have tested a lot my TURN and STUN servers and they are working good, so the issue seems to be the internal signaling server (AFAIK this should not be used if TURN or STUN are being used properly with small implementations) based on that is slowing down the whole implementation.

Is there a way to totally disable this internal signaling server or not? Both chats and audio/video calls are really bad and inusable with that enabled (it seems).


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