Nextcloud 16 and collabora on docker - can not insert images

Hi nextcloudies,

on my docker based install (both latest nextcloud and collbora/code or libreoffice/online images) i have a curious symptom. In code/lool writer app i can not insert images and no entries appears in the log files. If try to insert sheets, links or similar this works without problems. All other implemented features i need works also.

It seems to me the the document (pic) upload do not work and / or there are problems with rendering files at the code/lool instance. Can anyone confirm or have a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Same problem here. Any solutions?

Using latest nc 17 / collabora / lool works

unfortunately still not working to insert images via “insert image …”. Image browser opening correctly, showing nextcloud folders, navigation into sub folders possible but selected image not being added into document.
Environment: nc 17.0.2 and LOOLWSD 4.2.0 / Collabora Office 6.2-2 on ubuntu 16.04 (none docker)
Any hint / solution available?

Using docker environment via proxy with nc 18-rc / Libreoffice insert local jpeg via Chrome 75.0.3759.4 dev works, also with FF 71.0.

Insert other kind of pics, also from nc internal storage do not work. Do not know why, (for me) no useful debug information.

insert of local images is working (jpg as well as png) but no kind of images via insert from nc is working at all.
maybe it is caused by some cross origin restrictions
loolwsd[2536]: "message": "Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin \"\" from accessing a cross-origin frame."
I’m using two subdomains of the same domain like e.g.
still investigating on this

Ooops, as you say png works also here, sorry but it seems to me that the fog of ignorance clears … :wink:

My use case with two sub-doms is like yours. After a lot of try and curse yesterday evening i get a deeper look at the browser developer console (client). On FF i get a security error and everything blocks, on chrome i get an error and the pic was loaded, but only on local images as you tell.

Then i found some settings to bypass cross-origin restriction with the apache config but nothing on these works - strange. It seems to me there are nc internal (overriding the apache config) CORS settings - but at the moment i dont know where and how to disable.

If so then IMHO only the addition of both sub domains to one for the nc / lool could be a solution. But i love the splitting option …

Okay, lets investigate further.


Hi ralfi,
do you have any updates regarding a solution of your problem? I got the same problem here: working with two subdomains for office und nextcloud and not being able to insert images directly from nextcloud.
Kind regards

Hi Florian,

not really. Its seems to me there should be a CORS setting in the apache conf but it do not work for me. Do also not work with my up-to-date config nc 18, Libreoffice Online 7 alpha latest docker images.