Nextcloud 16.0.4 - Shared calendar appears on menu but always not active on Website

i’m testing corporate shared calendars for user-groups.
I have created 5 calendars, added Groups where they should appear and all have R/W/S rights, all works fine so far, it’s really simple doing.

Users see the calendars on the left side menu, but they are not active or better they won’t stay active once you have done that.

I can click on them, they get active, i can get them a new color, all fine and also insert some stuff for different days, will be synced no problem, but as soon as i leave the calendar site and come back they again not active, lost the color information or the next name of the calender if you want to rename it and i don’t see any entries of those shared calendars until i click them again on the left side menu to activate them again and again and again… suxx :slight_smile:

Is this a bug ? in my opinion they should be active and visible once i activated them and also should keep the colors and the name.

Is there an option menu? Or simply a bug with the latest release, as I’m testing NC since V16.0 so missing some experience on that.

Thanks for an update.

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Same problem here since 16.0.4 ….

And second problem:
Not all birthdays are shown to all group members (also when activated).

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Same here.

Hello @NetSecond
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Please do not hijack existing topics.

Open new topic for this and please check first if it has already mentioned in the forums. The search function is really good.

I do not hijack anything, the problem is not only the imposibility to change name and color of mailbox, there are problems in activating/deactivating and showing appointments to shared groups at the same time, if the groups are not admin.

Fix is available here:
(Problem was in Group Folder app.)