Nextcloud 15, upgrade php from 7.0 to 7.2

hi. about this
i know how to install 7.2, and i know how to enable it on the apache and disable the 7.0
but i can’t seem to make out of how to “point” the nextcloud to use the 7.2
how do i do that? thank you

Nextcloud 15 is end of life since december 2019.

You should really upgrade to a supported version before thinking about a PHP upgrade (i am not even sure Nextcloud 15 was fully compatible to PHP 7.2, so it might break everything in the end…)

PS.: I learned, that you don’t receive an update notification if a future version of Nextcloud is not supported by the PHP version (not optimal)

If you use php 7.0 you have an old linux operating system. I think you must also dist-upgrade it.

i tried that on a test system. i did a dist upgrade and the nextcloud stopped working

i can’t upgrade above 15 because i have php 7.0, the wizard won’t let me

Ok. Which operating system do you use?

i ended up installing 7.3, after that the nextcloud didn’t start. so i found in the nextcloud.log that he’s failing on the memcache. after not being able to fix that, i’ve disabled memcache and then i could proceed on the upgrade. i’m now on ubuntu 16 with nextcloud 19 and php 7.3

@nextclouduser32020 there is a big problem with php 7.3.20 and also the last 7.2 version. maybe you are affected.