NextCloud 15 to 17

We have an old server running Nextcloud 15, can I just restore the same database and config on a new install off Nextcloud 17 on another server or is this impossible?
If I only import the database, will I retain the users but have the new config on the new server?

Is there a reason, that you don’t want to upgrade your running NC 15 to 17? If you want to switch the hardware, I’d suggest to move your NC 15 over and then perform the upgrade.

Also if I’m not mistaken you would need to upgrade to the latest patch of 16 before moving to 17.

yes, but the updater will automatically go to the lated version of the major release.
so it should be only 3 update runs max

  • NC15 => latest release
  • NC16
  • NC17

take a backup. afterwards you should be surprised on how flawless the updater works. if you don´t have any special configuration or extra big instance, the 3 updates will be quicker than fiddling with the console to import/export the DB and install a blank NC17

Problem is I’m running php 7.0 and upgrading to 7.1 or 7.3 seems to break Nextcloud, if there is a safe way to upgrade PHP now I might try it again though.
So I can’t upgrade to 16 or 17 atm.

An update. So I just made a new server with php 7.3 and Nextcloud 15, moved the data with rsync and the user database, then upgraded from there.
Had to do a “repair” on the database before users showed up, other than that pretty smooth.

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