Nextcloud 15: Talk App can't be activated


I just updated to Nextcloud 15.0.5 (from the latest 14 release).

Just one app can’t be activated now: Talk!

Diese App kann nicht installiert werden, weil die folgenden Abhängigkeiten nicht erfüllt sind:

  • Server version 14 or lower is required.

How can it be that Talk (v 5.0.2) needs the OLD Nextcloud 14 to run?
Shouldn’t esp. Talk be improved/better integrated in NC 15?

What can I do?



It might be possible that a problem appeared as the app has been updated. Please check the requirements by executing the following command:

# grep -E "version>|nextcloud min-version" <nextcloud-root-path>/apps2/spreed/appinfo/info.xml

Thanks. I checked the file (its in another path, /apps/, not apps2…):
max/min version 15.

Then I tried activating it and it worked. Maybe some caching problem or so.