Nextcloud 15 still not available through the stable channel


I have the impression, we are running in circles, so let’s close this here.


  • the stable release channel usually moves to the new major version with the first bug fix release
  • automatic upgrades are rolled out in waves, to reduce the load on the servers and if a problem went under the radar, the upgrade procedure can be stopped and the damage is limited (often such bugs are related to specific configurations)
  • via beta channel, you can work around this problem to have new versions faster (just be careful, once there are beta versions of the Next version, you will get to a beta version)
  • Seeing the reoccurring confusion, I suggested to add a manual check button that allows you anytime to switch to the new version regardless the rollout-process. If you’d like such a feature or have a different idea, don’t hesitate to make a feature request on the bug tracker:
  • Regarding the communication of Nextcloud, make a new topic so we can ping the guys from Nextcloud. Perhaps this can be easily automatized and make the whole process more transparent for everybody.

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