Nextcloud 15.0.2 and php mailer

Nextcloud version 15.0.2
Operating system and version Debian 9
Apache version 2.4.25-3+deb9u6
PHP version 7.0.33-0+deb9u1

Hi Friends,
I would lke to know if is it possible to use “php mailer” function or if its use is deprecated.
And if possible eventually where enable it, because I do not see it in the settings :slight_smile:

Many many thanks!


Log in as admin. Go to settings, then basic settings. There you can choose email settings.
Or did you mean something else?

Hi @kakashi and thanks for your help!

No I asked what you understood.
But if I go to settings, then basic settings, I can view only SMTP configuration, nothing else.
Should I install any specific php modules?

Many thanks again!


The default should be that nextcloud sends by php…?
Basic settings, mail area there should be: Sendmode. Here you have two options: SMTP or Sendmail. You want to use Sendmail. Then you can also set a Sendmail mode and a from address.

" With Nexcloud, you can also set up the sending of internal (Nextcloud) notifications via email (such as password resets).

Out of the box, the Nextcloud email tool defaults to using PHP for the sending of such notifications, which works great. Without configuration, however, there is no From address configured. You have two choices: You can configure a From address and stick with PHP, or you can switch to using SMTP (which is recommended by the developers). Here’s how to do either option.

  1. Log into your Nextcloud server as an admin user.
  2. Click the User drop-down in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Admin.
  4. From the left navigation, click Email Server.
  5. If you want to stick with PHP, enter your from address.
  6. Click Send Mail to test the delivery.
  7. If you want to switch to SMTP, select it from the Send Mode drop-down.
  8. Fill out the necessary information ( Figure E ).
  9. Click Send Email."

That is part of:

May I ask why you prefer to use that option instead of using a mailserver?
I would use it if I didn’t have a mail provider other than gmail. Because gmail did not work. Some authentication problem.

Using sendmail might be able to do less. Like send an email to help with a forgotten password. (for example. I don’t know if that is possible).

I don’t see any advantages over using smtp…?

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Nextcloud dropped support for php-mailer in either Nextcloud 14 or Nextcloud 15 (can‘t remember exactly which version it was).


thanks to all!