Nextcloud 15.0.2 and IOS 12 CalDAV not working

Once iOS 12 was released I can no longer add a Nextcloud calendar to any iPhone and any existing accounts no longer connect/sync. I have multiple nextcloud instances and tried it on multiple phones. The account fails to add with a generic validation error. All my nextcloud instances are setup using HTTPS and all browsers including safari trust the certificate. We are not using self signed certificates! We never had any issues prior to iOS 12 even with older owncloud instances. The information I have found here on this issue has been totally useless. It would be nice if someone with iOS 12 actually tried to add a new Webcal account to their iPhone and tested it. I hope we can get this fixed soon, I left owncloud for a better experience but I’m quite disappointed with the ignorance when it comes to this issue. Thank you.


Hej Mike,

had same issue last days. Two of my customer are using iOS.

Just ignore this generic error message. Go ahead and finish account creation. Save the account afterwards.

Then enter the account again. Now access advanced settings and keep SSL enabled and define port as 443.

Go back to account by using arrow in left top corner and finish and save the account again. Error shouldn’t come up now.

Now enter the calendar. It should now display the new calendar.

In my cases it took up to 5 minutes until the sync started.

Good luck…