Nextcloud 14 Update no longer possible

Hello everybody
I have a problem with my Nextcloud installation, I have done an update to the latest version 14 and since then I can not log in anymore.

  1. The Login Buttion is deactivated
  2. Several JS and CSS scripts are not loaded (not found)

The same problem I have synonymous who I install Nextcloud 14 completely new, the setup runs smoothly, but who I log but have any styles so only black text on a white background without CSS.

System information:
Hoster: Hostpoint (Switzerland)
PHP: 7.0 / 7.1 / 7.2

Does the problem know anyone?


NC 14 seems to break the install because of the apps installed under NC13. Try removing the apps and try to update again witht he apps from NC 14 only.