Nextcloud 14 slow files/config

Dear all,

I am using the current version of Nextcloud 14.0.3 (three different sites) but unfortunately in the last few days I experienced some big lags/issues:

  1. When logging in to Nextcloud and displaying the root folder of my user it takes ages to display all my files.
    I can see on the bottom of Firefox that it is transmitting data but it still takes its time to display to root folder.
    I have tried with a dummy user with just the basic data but I get the same result there.

  2. When entering the config menu it takes also time until it is being displayed. But here it seems that the data gets cached as when going back to the files (takes ages) and again to the config menu it is a bit faster.

What I have tried so far: Searched the internet for some solutions. Tuned OPCache, Redis, PHP7.2-FPM.
Still without no luck…

My current configuration:
Ubuntu 16.04 in VM
4 CPUs

MariaDB 10.3 Galera cluster with MaxScale Read/Write Splitting (so far I have not experienced any issues).
Apache 2.3.34
PHP 7.2 (running as FPM)

Any one has any idea what I could try to trouble shoot?

In the browser, you have Web-Developer tools and you can check which resource is taking so much time to load. Check the logfiles if you see something and also monitor a bit the server, some processes always at 100%? Memory fully used? i/o-waits?

I think I have already found the issue -> Antivirus.
It seems that the AV has checked all files which Nextcloud tried to list and therefore it slowed everything down.

In addition to that it could also be possible that the AV had also checked the caching tools which leaded to a longer waiting time for the menu.

hello…how can i config maxscale to Galera.i use list server…there is no slave.plase help me…thk

Usually Galera is Master-Master-Master + Slave, so you need at least three master servers. In front of them you can put a load balancer such as Maxscale.

In the internet there are a few examples how to do that for Nextcloud: