Nextcloud 14 Not Sending mail when sharing

Hello, we are running NC 14.03. We are not receiving email when files/folders are being shared, however the Test Email function seems to work just fine.

We have not been able to get this to work since our first install on an early 13 release. Maybe its not as intuitive as it should be and we are doing something wrong. Maybe it just isn’t working. It is hard to tell.

When I check System --> Logging - there are no mentions of any trouble sending mail. Any suggestions on where or what to look for?

I guess your mail gets sent out, but your smtp server is not accepted by your recepient mail server. Double check with a less restrictive recipient.
For me gmx does just block the mails completely, gmail has them in spam folder iirc and my work exchange server receives normally.

It almost seems like it sends on a schedule. We found that all of us testing our email received the messages at the same time over an hour later. Is there a job processing mail rather than sending right away?

  • Chris

Check this out:
It looks that emails are send via Cron Job, so you can also make your NC cron execute more often, like each 5 min instead of 15.

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Standard setting is chron, but it should send mails every 15min as i understand it. If it takes more than an hour, probably your chron is permanently busy? You can see the settings in admin settings general

I had exactly the same problem. Ever since NC14, mails didn’t send. I now edited the cron of user www-data accordingly:

sudo -u www-data crontab -e

And add:
*/5 * * * * php /path/to/nextcloud/occ activity send-mails

This will send mails every 5 minutes containing all queued mails. The first time I received a mail with activity from February until today!

Thank you, I’ll give this a try.