Nextcloud 14.0.0 release - Accessibility Dark theme doesn't work

I was really looking forward to this so I could stop using github themes (which get disabled every time NC gets upgraded). However, enabling it doesn’t appear to do anything (with no other themes applied). I’ve tried opening an incognito browser to ensure that it wasn’t a cache issue, but nothing seems to turn it on. Am I missing something?

Switched from Apache2 to NGINX for performance testing, and the theme switcher started working on NGINX (standard, Nextcloud suggested style installations for both web servers). It doesn’t hold very well over mobile view (changes, but then reverts on a page change), but the switcher does work on NGINX for normal web browser desktop views.

Make sure to ensure that the theme name does not include the term ‘master’ when uploading to the theme folder.

This issue was about the built-in Accessibility theme for Nextcloud 14 (shipped with the upgrade, as core functionality), rather than a third-party theme.

It doesn’t exist in the Themes folder.

I am also having this exact issue - havent been able to work out a fix

Installed from zip, apache2, php 7.2.10 on Fedora 28

OK. I think I figured out what the culprit is. I was having the issue with the accessibility dark theme too. It was working, then got busted. I gave up. I updated to 14.0.1. What the deuce? It is working. But, sad trombone, it broke again shortly.

Turns out if you run occ maintenance:update:htaccess it will dork it up. I deleted everything after the # marker that looked like it indicated where that command did its updates and lo’ and behold, the dark theme is working.


Yes got the same. I had Pretty URLs on and the dark mode doesn’t work. If i delete it from the config.php and Update the .htaccess the dark theme works. NC 14.0.3, Ubuntu 18.04, Apache2.

Pretty URLs? I’m still trying to get dark theme working on 14.03 on FreeNAS 11.2 rc1.

I too was having issues getting the build in themes to work with

  1. had to change owner of .htaccess to www-data for user and group.
  2. update config.php so the htaccess line looks like this (/ removed)
    ‘htaccess.RewriteBase’ => ‘’,
  3. sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:update:htaccess

#3 updates the htaccess file. After executing the above, themes worked.

My installation came from

It looks like making the above changes breaks pretty urls. That is, now going to is rewritten as .

Thoughts anyone?

Hi, i had the same issue, but with update to nc 15.0.4 the dark theme started to work, only issue i have now, is that the icons in the menu bar are black on dark grey, while the ones in the sidebar (settings and such stuff) are good

Yeah, I noticed that. I had turned my page darkner off (firefox plugin) a while back and all of a sudden it hit me - the page was black. So I hit up the accessibility page, and whoo-hoo!