Nextcloud 14.0.0 Beta 4 has landed!


We just packaged the forth beta release for our upcoming Nextcloud 14 version. Unless something major pops up this is our final beta.

You can find as usually on our download server in the prerelease folder:

Again a lot of issues were fixed. Thanks to everybody that tested the previous betas so far and reported issues. Please give beta 4 a go as well.

As always: have a backup and know where the docs are to do a rollback ( for example).

We would ask you for your feedback on this - best is to have it directly on Github - we already added a label for the issues reported especially regarding the Nextcloud 14 beta: “14-beta-feedback” ( so we can actually focus to polish the Nextcloud 14 release.

For known bugs and a list of stuff that is scheduled for the RC1 you can have a look at the overview ticket at [ 10713]( 10713)

Happy testing!


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