Nextcloud 13 on Synology NAS - External web access

I - an utter nextcloud newbie - have successfully installed Nextcloud 13.04 on my NAS (Synology DS218+). I didn’t do it via Docker or Virtual Machine, but directly via phpmyadmin and the Synology Web Station (see configuration below)

So far, so good. Now, I would like to access Nextcloud from outside my home network. I am using Synology Quickconnect, the DDNS service by synology. My domains within this service are:

“ (http)”
“ (https)”

I added the domains (tried both) to trusted domains in the nextcloud config.php. I didn’t alter anything in the config.php or htaccess apart from that.

After installing the Nextcloud Android app on my Samsung S7 and inserting the domains above on the NC start screen I receive the error message: “Incorrect server configuration”

What am I doing wrong? What do I have to do to access NextCloud from outside my home network?

Nextcloud version: 13.0.4
Operating system and version: Synology diskstation DSM 6.2
PHP version: 7.0
Maria DB 10
web station installed
HTTP-Backend-Server: Apache HTTP Server 2.4
PHP Default Profile PHP 7.0

Are you able to get to Nextcloud on both of those domains from the browser? Is Nextcloud at the root of those domains, or do you need to enter to access it from the browser?
If you need to add a path for Nextcloud, you’ll need to put it in your Android app as well.

I was able to figure it out: First of all, Quickconnect does not support other than Synology apps. Second, I had an IPv6 DSLite connection. My provider switched it back to IPv4. Then, I set up an DynDNS domain, put it in the config file as trusted domain and voilĂ , everything is working!

I’m exactly now in your past situation. Nextcloud in synology nas Dsm 6.2, access outside my lan…I’ve read your way to get solution of the problem but I didn’t understand the corrects passages(expecially …put it in the config file as trusted domain ) …could you explain a little bit more? Thanks for you attention