Nextcloud 13 on FreeBSD with PHP 7.2 - how do I install the PHP module for redis?

Running NextCloud 13

In an iocage jail on FreeNAS (Essentially FreeBSD)

Running on PHP7.2 - but I have the error message about no memcache running.

I have configured it to use redis - but have currently commented out the code in the nextcloud config - because the PHP modules APCu and Redis are not installed and I can’t work out how to install redis with this version of PHP.

When I try to install pecl-apcu - it prompts me to remove a lot of PHP7.2 modules and install PHP5.6?

Are you installing via ports or pkg? I’ve seen others have mention that the pkg wants to exclusively use php 5.6 with Nextcloud.

I’m running Nextcloud 13 with php7.1 without issue, but I do pretty much everything through ports.

You can install Nextcloud directly without the packages (and update through the updater app).

I can’t find the reference I used, but you can’t use the pkg-packages, but you can install from ports where you can specify the version (I think):

I’ve been putting together a script to install Nextcloud 13 in a FreeNAS jail. Nextcloud is installed from the installation tarball, but everything else except Apache, pecl-redis, and pecl-APCu are done using packages. The remaining three are done using ports–Apache to get a newer version (the version in the binary package has a number of vulnerabilities), and the other two because they need to be.

tl;dr: use ports to install pecl-redis and pecl-APCu and you’ll be good.