Nextcloud 13 "insufficient storage" for non-admins

Hi all.

After updating to NC 13 I’m having trouble with group folders and personal quotas.

Until NC13 I’ve configured NC so that the users in a group share a folder (Group Folders 1.2.0). I only want people to be able to upload to the shared folder – nowhere else. The users’ personal quotas are set to “1MB” whereas the GF quota is set to “unlimited”.

Above configuration has worked great so far but it seems this changed with NC13. The users are currently not able to upload new files to the shared folder.

I have tried setting the personal quotas to “unlimited” but the issue continues to exist. As admin I am able to upload files into the group folder but other users are not. The following message is shown:

As said the personal quotas for all users are set to “unlimited”. Quotas within the group folder are also set to “unlimited”. Therefore I have a hard time grasping why “insufficient storage” is the error message for non-admins while admins can still upload files.

When checking out the data folder located on an external USB I get the following:

sudo df ekstern/data -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 464G 148G 317G 32% /mnt/ekstern

Anyone with an idea of what’s happening?
Thank you

It seems NC suddenly didn’t mind the upload of files from non-admins.
Might have been client related.