Nextcloud 13 installation problems


I tried to install NC 13, after i had managed some time ago to get running a NC 12 server. In NC 12 the managment of external drives was little bit complicated as one could not remove erronous entries by the web interface, but essentially it was working, apart from the fact, that apache 2 was regularly switching off. I was happy to see NC 13 coming.

When i downloaded the zip-file and extracted it into my /var/www/html folder of my apache 2 server running on my Raspberry Pi 3, i realised after extractions all the files were in root:root access rights. I changed recursively to www-data:www-data with chown -R www-data:www-data * resp. chown -R www-data:www-data .* (to also cath up on the hidden files). I made a completely fresh database in mariadb. I followed the installation instruction on NC 13. But from the web download page i was not able to obtain a hash or checksum file. Still after the basic configuration screen, the first message that pops up was a white screen-sized pop-up saying: “This content failed to load”. I ask: Which content? The database is just freshly created and initiated. What could be the problem?

Won’t you better try to install your Nextcloud on your Raspberry with the NextcloudPI project ? I made so and it was absolutely simple to do.