Nextcloud 13.0.1 stable - External Storage fails

I’m experiencing an issue with this app (external_storage).
No external storage can be added (even local ones).
When i add one (following all specs of the kind of storage and checking permissions, etc) it shows “green light”. But when i go back to the Files view, something nasty happen.
The view shows the resource (grayed) and, a few seconds later, a message indicates the resource is not available due to a “no connection of the resource”.
The interface hangs, and crash with a 500 - Bad gateway after a while.

I try to track the error in the following ways:

Get the @icewind test scripts from his repo, to check libs works. Done, the script works fine, shows the SMB share content.

Check SMB connection via command line. All fine.

Check git issue tracker. No info about this behavior.

Check another kind of network share (like a local folder) and… surprise! Not working too. Same behavior.

The only way to recover control, was restarting php-fpm. So, i add a timeout to requests, and the interface hangs this timeout period and goes back after that.

Conclusion, a loop in the php-fpm hangs the interface when trying to enumerate the resource contents.

Please, can anyone help me track this issue? My skills are mid/advanced in linux servers/networks, but not in php. I don’t know how to debug this.

In contrast, i have another setup local in a test server, and it works fine.
The only difference between them, one is local in an internal network with no SSL (plain http) and the one that fails is HTTPS enabled (SSL w/certs) behind a firewall in a registered domain.
All works fine (even a onlyoffice server connected to it), but external shares don’t.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, sorry I can’t help but can you point me to the script? I don’t find …

I have the same issue, but without crash if I want connect the root of a CIFS/SMB drive.
Folder was always working, but whole drive only in fstab and than local.