Nextcloud 12 - strong directory permissions


i found the information, that the strong directory permission script/information was removed in the nc12 documenation.

Is there any recommendation for directory permissions for the NC12 installation?

It seems you just have to change the ownership on your Nextcloud directories to your HTTP user:
On Centos :

chown -R apache.apache /var/www/html/nextcloud/

You still want to use some sane permissions, I think it’s mentioned somewhere in the documentation but I feel like it’s less obvious now. Anyway, @enoch85 made a script that automates this and still complies with the new standards.

Like @fifh mentioned, you need to set the ownership to the HTTP user. In addition to that, you should also set rw permissions for the owner, read for the group, and none for others.

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thanks for your reply.

If i understand it correct, the default persmission should be fine otherwise it should be mentioned in the documentation like in the past.
I’m running my NC12 on a webhosting service and i think i can not change the owner of the nextcloud folder to the http user. That is set by the provider to a group where the http user is a member.

If i try to open i get an nextcloud page with “permission denied”. I think thats ok, isnt it?