Nextcloud 12 release channel

I had a similar Problem caused by upgrade from owncloud to nextcloud over some versions.
There was still an ‘updater.server.url’ entry in the config.php
This should be removed:
Last step in upgrade advise

As mentioned on the release notes (, nextcloud does a staged roll out, so not everyone got an automatic update notification by now.

If you want to upgrade now using the updater, change the release channel to beta, upgrade and change back. At least, that worked for me.

Edit: That is for the stable release channel.

For me it is ok to wait till I get it in stable but a little bit more information about how they roll out would be nice.
Like “there will be x stages over the next y weeks”. Or something similar.
Must not be to detailed, just a rough estimation. Getting almost no information about releases was one thing that was quite annoying at Owncloud.


The only problem that I am still having with NC12 is desribed in this thread, mainly in combination with Gnome Evolution:

I understand this will be fixed in 12.0.1. If you don’t use any of the software described in that thread, you should be good to go, AFAIK.

Yes, I also mean to remember to have read that.

Waiting for the first bugfix release is generally a good idea for a stable server. Besides of possible bugs in Nextcloud, not all of the apps are ready with the first release as they are often maintained by independent developers who do this work in their free time.

Somehow related: There are two supported versions. Once a new version is released, we wait for the first bugfix release to drop support for the oldest version:

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Yeah, we do the thing asked for wrt support - as in, 10 will still get another update, our documentation is a bit overzealous right now. Which is fine, ppl should upgrade sooner rather than later…

We don’t really describe what release is in what channel as it changes all the time.

Generally, you’ll see ‘stable’ go to the next release once it is out gradually, with us stopping the roll-out if a bad bug is found.

we DID find a problem, it’s a buggy third party client problem but we want to try and work around that. So 12 isn’t available for all 11.0.x users. It will come quickly after 12.0.1 is out (end of the month) though.

Production will come a while after, 12.0.2 maybe but possibly sooner if 12.0.1 proves to not have any more serious issues.


Thank you for the information. I think this is what most people want to hear. Just keep us updated. As I said, exact dates are not necessary (at least for me).

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What is the upgrade URL where I can see which version is currently being served for which release channel?

I don’t like exact dates. You either end up having to postpone, which is disappointing, or you have to set the date so far out that you have extra time to get things done which could result in waiting longer than necessary for new versions.

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Wouldn’t it be possible to use whatever database or backend you use for the updater to supply the information for the website?

It would not give us dates but at least the information would be accurate at all times and prevent this whole thread to be repeated each release…

If you want to get fancy, throw in a nice graph showing downloads a day, updated, downloading and waiting users in the queue…

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Actually you could look at the Milestones page on Github, that gives you a current progress kind of view.

A Feature Request has been created on GitHub: If you want to express your support, please go there and ‘thumbs up’ the first message.

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That’s not enough. It’s not possible to see which version is in which release channel from that. This is now the 20th post and no one could tell me which version is in which release channel so far. A bit disappointing.

Go to your admin page and switch the setting between the release channels and it will show you which version is available for update.

It always shows 11.0.3

My mistake, it only shows the version if it is more recent than what you have installed.

+1 @glotzbach’s GH issue then. That info clearly isn’t readily available so you’ll have to wait for a team member to see your question.

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and from that you can surmise we’re not ready with 12.0.1 yet - good chance it’ll skip to next week, sorry!

We could add some info to the updater about us doing staged roll-outs and deciding to make a new version available when we feel comfortable with it etc etc. yeah.

Ok, thinking about it, that is probably a good idea. so:

Input welcome :wink: