Nextcloud 12 breaks temporary passwords has been perfect thru all upgrades (10 and 11). I updated to NC 12 today. All of a sudden temporary passwords are no longer an option. Any ideas why this isn’t working now?

Hi @robhedrick,

I’ve released v0.3.9 which includes a fix for the issue.
Sorry for the delay!

I installed the update and it made spreed disappear from the app store and my current install… thoughts?

Strange, after poking around for a while, I randomly found in the Tools section of the app store (not where it was earlier) and it said it had an update. I’ve clicked update and am currently waiting to see what happens after “updating…” completes; which appears to be taking longer than usual.

the server put itself into maintenance mode after clicking install on this update… 45 minutes later, still in maintenance mode.

This is working now