Nextcloud 12.0.5 does not work with Onlyoffice Document Server

Hi, I have several servers with Nextcloud installed, and another server with onlyoffice document server.

The servers with Nextcloud are:
Ubuntu Linux 16.04.1
Apache 2.4.18

I have updated one of the Nextcloud servers from version 12.0.4 to 12.0.5 and now the file editing from the onlyoffice documentserver server does not work.

But since the nextcloud version 12.0.2 works perfectly, so I guess it must be a problem of version 12.0.5.

Are you aware of any bug in v 12.0.5 with Onlyoffice Document Server?


I updated to 12.0.5 and Onlyoffice still works fine. Do you run the latest version of the onlyoffice app? If not, please update the app, because it usually solves some problems and takes care of version compatibility issues.

If that didn’t help, you could check if the Onlyoffice server is still running and reachable via http(s).

Hi Schmu

I have already solved it, it was a DNS problem, the DNS server that has the Ubuntu server configured with Nextcloud could not find the server with ONLYIFFICE.

Thanks Schmu.

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