NextCloud 11.x Crashing During Simple Searches

I’m a NextCloud newbie, but enthusiast. We’re running/testing Nextcloud for deployment with a client. Currently running NextCloud 11.0.1 on Ubuntu 16.04. We’ve also installed Nextant 1.0.6 on top of SOLR as recommend.

We’ve loaded up a small set of data, <200 MB, of various files. When I run a search, the system quickly returns some results and then says “searching other places” at the bottom of the screen. After a minute or so it says “connection to server lost” at the top of the screen. Ultimately, after the second message, the website crashes and takes a few minutes to become responsive again. I don’t have Federated Searching enabled so I’m not sure what these messages mean. The server is responsive to a ping and traceroute test while the website itself is still down.

I’ve run a search across the community, but don’t find anything similar to this issue. Has anyone experienced this problem? Were you able to resolve the problem and how so, if so?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.


Best thing is to always provide the logs (nextcloud, web server and other possibly relevant logs) from the latest occurrence as well. The logs usually lead into the right direction :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’m working on pulling these - need someone else’s help to do so. Will circle round once I’ve got them.



Took a while, but finally found a Linux Engineer who can help us pull the logs. Can you please let me know which logs would be helpful in diagnosing this situation? I’ll have the engineer pull the logs and figure out how to post them here. Thanks very much, in advance, for your help and our patience!

Sunil Ohri


Is this still something with which you can help? I would greatly appreciate any assistance and insight you can provide. Please let me know - affirmative or negative - if you are able to help. Thanks, in advance, either way.


Hi @sunilohri

I was hoping someone else will also answer here. My suggestion was only to always check the log files first, search for error messages and post them here when describing the problem.
Nevertheless, I suggest to check the web server logs, meaning the error and access logs of either apache or nginx (I guess you use one of those two).
Furthermore please provide the nextcloud.log which should be found in the data folder of nextcloud. See the NextcloudHome/config/config.php for the path you defined as data folder. In that folder you can find nextcloud.log as mentioned.

To make analyzing easier, please re-produce the problem again, by repeating the file upload and waiting for the error message. Afterwards check the last entries of the logs files. When you find error messages that match the time when you uploaded the files, post these messages here. Please do not post a 10 MB log file :wink:


Thanks for getting back to me; really appreciate it!

I’ll work with the engineer to pull the logs you’ve suggested (and anything
else he may think is relevant based upon his general knowledge of SOLR and
MariaDB) after we recreate the problem

Definitely will not post a 10 MB log file. But perhaps, in gratitude, I
can post a virtual beer as thanks for your help! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: