Nextcloud 11 not working as network drives?

Hey guys,

we tried to install nexcloud 11. Installation was successfully.

But, when we install a network drive with nextcloud 11 we can not copy files on to it.

System always says “File already there”. We work with latest owncloud version without any problems.

Need your help to find out a solution for this case.



Via network drive, you mean direct network resource under windows? Can you specify the versions and also the server environment you are using? If you can get your hands on the server logfiles would be great as well.

Please note that there are some issue with the webdav implementation on windows systems:
Also try a different client which is better supported in order to check your server configuration.

Tried the latest nextcloud version. And again -> Nextcloud not working under windows 10 !

When we try to upload files with webdav nextcloud always says, the files already exist. But they do NOT.

We do not have any problems witk owncloud…

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If it works with owncloud it should work with Nextcloud as well. Do you get any specific error messages? What do your logfiles say?