Nextcloud 11 -> ios app crashes

At this time I’ve a well running environment with Nextcloud 10.0.2 and Collabora/Code 2.0.1 on CentOS 7 with PHP7 and MySQL 5.7.

When I upgrade to Nextcloud 11 the ios app (2.16) crashes immediately on ios 10.2 and ios 9.0.2. WebDAV and Desktop-Clients are working without any problems.

Does anyone have a solution?

Issue (already fix for next version) UTF8 conversion, verify if you have a filename (xxxx90%.jpg) for example.

[Clear cache] after rename file.

thanx for your answer.

Yes, there are a lot of files like your example.

I’ll wait for the fixed version and stay on 10.0.2 because there are to much files on my cloud right now.

ok, sorry for this displeasing issue.

with nextcloud 11.0.1 it’s working

Hi, I am having a major problem with the nextcloud app. I have Nextcloud 11.0.1 the latest version and I can’t seem to login on the app? Or…if it does login, it takes a very long time…or I get an error message that says request timed out. Any ideas? I have the latest version of the app as well as iOS 10 on the iPads. However, in some circumstances, the app works just fine under IOS 9.3. This is so frustrating.

maybe it’s a problem with the server certificate or with your dns. did you check your logfiles?

Yes I did. How come it works on the ipads and then it doesn’t?

I think nextcloud 11 is more secure and will also check the connections. Do you have installed a cache manager?
In my environment I’m using redis and pagespeed and all is working fine without any problems.
I also have set the timeout to 45 and the keepalivetimeout to 5 in my apache config.

Hi, I was running fine with Nextcloud 11.0.0 and the iOS app, however today I upgraded to 11.0.1 and the iOS app is not connecting anymore like @bmrhogan mentions I got “request time out” messages

Any ideas ?

Hi scar86. Isn’t this frustrating? A couple of questions.

  1. Are you using SSL for your nextcloud?
  2. What iOS are you running on your iPad?

I have found that it will work on iOS 9.3.5 but not iOS 10.

Hi I figured it the problem myself, my problem was that my public ip changed and I need to change my dns to reflect the new ip, after that the client started to work again.
I feel like a noob for his

Is this what I need to do? We only use nextcloud internally within out network, so no public IP address for the outside world to access nextcloud. Any ideas how I can get mine to work?


I’m not sure if on your case you need to set up a public ip since you only use nextcloud internally.
One question, can you reach nextcloud from a computer that is connected to the same network as your iOS devices ?