nextCloud 11 | DSM 5.2 | php 5.6

For nextCloud 11 is php 5.6 needed. On the Synology Server with DSM 6 there is no problem, but on machines with DSM 5.2 only php 5.5 is installed. My productiv systems have DSM 5.2 and therefore I ask, in which way is possible to use php 5.5, because a Installation of IPKG with a second Apachewebserver and php 5.6 in this moment doesn´t run.

Update your operating system? Can you install php-packages from different sources (like backport-sources on debian). You could try to buy enterprise support and request developers to get php5.5 support back in. Not sure, if they will do it and it’s probably cheaper to get a new device.

You could run Nextcloud on a different server that uses your NAS as external storage.

@Andy64 Same issue for me !
I’ve got a DS1010+ stuck at DSM5.2.
I’ve just upgraded successfully from NC9 to NC10 and wanted to go on to NC11. The wizard tells me that I need to upgrade to php 5.6 first.
@tflidd :
Upgrade the system… DSM5.2 and its stock php55 is the last one officially supported by Synology concerning my device.
Using it for self-hosting purpose, may I indicate that buying enterprise support is out of question for me …
The only way I could imagine would be finding out community packages for php5.6 components. And for now I was unable to…
My device have a relative limited amount of resources and I was really interested in the improvements given (thus reported in the changelog) by NC11.
Its a shame if I need to change my hardware for it … I don’t blame NC for it may I imagine that a part of these improvements are due to this php version change.
I’m just sad

@Andy64 : reading your post I may understand that you managed to find php5.6 for dsm5.2 ? What is your target arch please ? If so please let me know where you found it !

That often a problem with closed source software. Perhaps you can run a different operating system on this hardware as well. You can keep NC 10, it will probably be supported for some more time. As a cheap solution, you could use a ARM board like Raspberry Pi with your old NAS box as external storage.