Nextclod VM install Pros and cons?


1- I have my main pC as a mini-PC (250 USD) i3 7100, 8GB RAM, Intel 620 graphics, 120 GB SSD, WiFi and LAN Running ubuntu Budgie

2- A secondary PC for kids Acer celeron notebook 4GB RAM, 128 GB ssd, 11.6 inch. Running ubuntu mate.

network :

I have unlimited 4G access with a router and wifi connected

Aim :

I want to get nextcloud. I just want to serve files within my LAN.Probably, later, I will share to my family overseas.I will use the calendar, chat and perhaps office plugins. So I don’t think I need pretty strong PC .

I think of installing it on VM on my mini-PC just to save cost and it has already very low power print.i have played before afew times with virtual box, I am not a complete newbie to VM.

what are the pros and cons for that?