Nextclioud using wrong ssl cert

Ive just installed nextcloud vm… I get through all the steps fine, & it all seems to go well, but aftet install, it wont use the letsencrypt ssl… it always presents self signed nextcloud one…(Letsencrypt setup goes without any errors).
As its a new install, I deleted VM & redone it, just incase I had made an error, but still same thing, ssl error & FF/Chrome/vivaldi all refuse to go to website because its is presenting wrong cert Using IE11 loads site with ssl error. not sure on how to fix? how do I get it to use letsencrypt ssl ?


That’s very strange!

Do you expect the TLS cert to be valid for local addresses as well, or is this when you actually visit

What I’m saying is that I never ever seen such an issue before. If the script says it’s all good, then it is. But, it won’t work when using 192.168.1.XX (local IP), that’s just how it works - Let’s Encrypt won’t give you a valid cert for a local address, only a valid domain where the correct preparations are done before it’s run.

Please read all the instructions carefully, and if you need additional help publishing your server online, there’s this document:

If you need hands on support, send me a PM.


im using a working domain. yeh it is weird… I had been using the VM working perfectly fine, until VEEAM broke the VM (dont ask). So, no problem, redo VM as I have backup of files etc… but this error happens…it is stumping me…
I did go through docs, but will re-read, just in case